From The Rx Generation to The Pirate Generation

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From The Rx Generation to The Pirate Generation


For decades the medical industry provided us with rapid and copious distribution of prescription medication. It was because of this growth in the field of medicine, which aimed to better society that we ended up labeled “The Rx Generation”. The growing evolution of the medical industry was once considered a growth, but soon became known as a double-edged sword.  Today, we live in the era of online piracy, and it seems that the advances in technology and online capability have become the equivalent of the Rx generation’s medical industry. These technological breakthroughs in online activity were intended to benefit society when in fact much of society has been hurt as a result of said advances. It is, once again, society’s double-edged sword.


The war on piracy has become two things:

1)     A war on individuals- users who have downloaded copyrighted…

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