He’s a French model.

What do you think my Facebook friends say about my identity?


I agree that our social media identity reflects our identity. Just like we act differently in different crowds, we tend to act differently. I post way more updates on my twitter than I do on my Facebook. And I will post beer pictures on my twitter, but I try to keep most alcohol related posts off of my Facebook. I have my instagram linked to my twitter, but not my Facebook. All of this just to maintain certain identities on certain sites. Here are some good examples of how my identity is affected by social media:

Last summer I broke up with my boyfriend of a year. Instead of changing my “Facebook relationship,” deleting a TON of pictures, filtering out the ex’s relatives, and keeping the ex from going coo coo banana crackers over my new relationship that was blooming – I decided to delete the old Facebook and start a new one. My real life identity was changing because my relationships and friendships were changing, so it made since to change my identity on the social web, as well.
Also, this summer I did an internship at The Ticket sports radio station. I was on-air a couple of time with the hosts and I started to get a lot of new followers on twitter after. One of the hosts of the show showed me how after they would talk about me on-air he would get a million tweets asking him to post a picture of me (in which he jokingly posted a picture of the Sesame Street puppet, Betty Lou). I didn’t care to get a ton of creepers following me based on what my twitter picture looked liked, so I changed my picture to the dorkiest picture of myself I could find.

I would definitely say that social media causes me to perform certain identities. I don’t like to link my facebook or twitter to my linkedin, because I think my linkedin is more professional that my facebook or twitter accounts. I would even say that my Spotify account says a lot about be. People might make assumptions about the kind of music I listen to based on my appearance, but after they saw my playlists on Spotify they might be surprised. I try to perform an identity on all of my social media sites that honestly reflects who I am. I’m not trying to be anyone different or preform fake identities.


I saw this commercial after we talked about identities on the social web and I thought it was hilarious.


One thought on “He’s a French model.

  1. Haha that commercial is fun!

    Based on your screen capture, I would guess…
    – white -> it looks like almost all white friends
    – college student/recent college graduate -> most friends have similar descriptions
    – middle class/upper-middle class -> friends in medicine and at Delloitte
    I don’t know if I would get these if I’d never met you, but…
    – interest in sports -> two friends working at Texas Rangers
    – interest in/relation to film/production -> two friends with RTVF-related job descriptions

    I don’t think I would have ever thought to delete my Facebook account just to create another one. For me, there is too much of my past identity that is still very much a part of my present one. However now that I think about it, I should probably go adjust my privacy settings…

    That Spotify example is great! It’s not just personal preference, the architecture and norms of social media space/platform facilitate users ability to share certain identities too. My instagram feed is pretty artsy, I share good news and events on Facebook, my LinkedIN is professional, my Twitter is sporadic and often link-driven, and my Spotify is private.

    “I try to perform an identity on all of my social media sites that honestly reflects who I am.”

    I really like what you said about not wanting to perform fake identities. I am super aware of this, but for me it often leads to self censorship.

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