Is ZUMBA on YouTube Illegal?

Every catch yourself watching YouTube videos of people dancing to their favorite tune? Yes, you end up watching one video, then another, and another. Then, before you know it, it’s four o’clock in the morning!

Have you every uploaded your own video of you and your friends dancing to your favorite song? Then, did you ever get an e-mail from YouTube letting you know that your video has been removed from the site? Well, I have had similar situations happen to me.

I’ve spent my college career and will spend my post-college career in the area of fitness. I am a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. As a group exercise instructor, I teach several different formats of classes. The one class I’m going to discuss with you today is the phenomenon of ZUMBA.

ZUMBA is an Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that combines international music from all over the world. You may have seen one of this “really exciting” infomercials late at night while switching channels.

So, as a working-student, I don’t have a lot of extra time to sit down and make up 20 dance routines for an hour class. Zumba helps me out by sending CDs with music and sometimes choreography. When I don’t always get the choreography I run to YouTube. I have made myself of apart of participatory culture by seeking my community of fellow Zumba Instructors. All over the world, countless videos of dance routines to the most popular songs are uploading. Doesn’t this sound a lot like copyright infringement?

As an instructor, I pay monthly for the rights for the Zumba branding. So, I feel if it’s a Zumba owned song, I’m okay! Although, 20% of a Zumba class is outside, popular, true artist type music.

I’ve uploaded a few videos and used artists like Gloria Estefan, LMFAO, and Will.I.Am. Does this mean I break copyright law? I didn’t touch the music recording itself, I just make the song available to the community with cool dance moves (my opinion).

I’ve gotten e-mails from YouTube, too!

Do they not penalize me, because everyone does it? Should I be fined? What do you think?


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