Politics and Social Media

<a href="http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/social-media-politics-infographic_b30254” title=”Politics and Social Media”>Politics and Social Media

Generally I have never been too active in the world of social networking. I got my first myspace long after it was cool, I didn’t start getting involved in facebook until back in 2009, and I just now have gotten a twitter for this class. Usually the thought of keeping up with all these various sites give me a headache. However one tool that I have utilized from social networking is the ability to receive the latest news headlines, in particular political headlines. Because I do regularly check my facebook through out the day, I’m able to also get the news from my friends or news sites that I am following. For example I have lacked the time to watch the presidential debates as they premiered but with my facebook account I am given a good idea as to what happened without ever actually watching the debates. This of course can prove biased due to which one of my friends or news sites is posting.

I found this article interesting in how it discusses how presidents in the past have used the social media of the time to further their campaigns. Most recently it has been in the 2008 election that the internet and it’s respective social networking sites propelled Barrack Obama’s campaign to victory much like the television did for John F. Kennedy and the radio for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Barrack Obama is considered the “first internet president” due to his massive take over on the web. With his youtube channel he garnered over 14.5 million hours of viewing which would equal to 47 million in television funding. Since 2008 his twitter follower grew from 112,474 to 19,917,434 and he now has 28,739,528 fans on facebook. Obama now tweets on average 29 tweets per day and uploads four videos to his youtube account. I find this move on social media very smart on Obama’s part. The internet and social media has become the most pervasive form of media and Obama has mastered while saving millions in campaign costs compared to traditional forms of media. Obama’s republican counter parts have failed to remain as active in social network campaigning. As you can see on the chart John McCain had a fraction of the supporters, followers, and subscribers that Obama had. However the republicans are starting pick up steam with social networking for the 2012 campaign. While Romney’s numbers still drastically trail that of Obama’s in terms of supporters and followers it is still a vast improvement from 2008. Romney also tweets once per day and uploads one video per day on average. And he is the first candidate to buy a trending topic on twitter, #RomneyRyan2012

Does anyone else use social media as a source for political news? if so what advantages or disadvantages does it hold over traditional news outlets?


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