Social Networking outside of the United States

As big as social media has become here in America, it is not surprise to me that it has started to grow in other countries outside of the United States.  I cannot imagine that sometime in the future, the internet and specifically social media will be just as popular in other countries as it is here.

The video I posted is not really packed full of information about what is going on in social media outside of the U.S. but I thought it was interesting the because of the statistics that is posted and especially the ones about the sites that are being used in other countries. The biggest social media site used more than in America is LinkedIn. According to the video over half of LinkedIn’s users are outside of the U.S. As far as Facebook users outside of America, the video showed that over 190 counties build with Facebook as a platform for developers and entrepreneurs. Wikipedia has over 260 languages and are looking to have all of the information available in all the languages. This greatly helps those outside of the U.S. that use Wikipedia. In the UK, 50% of their mobile traffic is used on Facebook.

On the other side of this concept, I think it is interesting that there are several social networking sites that are tested somewhere overseas and outside of the United States first before it is even introduced here in America. For example:

“Some social-networking sites, such as Hi5, decided to establish themselves overseas first and let others slug it out in the USA. And many countries have home-grown social-networking sites, such as Mixi in Japan and Skyrock in France, Gluck says.”

Even though social networking is still continuing to grow throughout the international market, I think that it would be a huge problem for SNS if they were not expanding outside of the United States. However, since some countries like Japan and France have their own SNS, I do not think that expansion in the future is going to be an issue. These personal sites for these countries have the potential to spread to other parts of the world just like other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have done.

I think one of the biggest problems with SNS expanding is the social etiquette that other countries have that the U.S. does not necessarily follow. Some of the things that we say on Facebook and Twitter would not be socially accepted in other countries, especially those that have their content highly regulated. Social media users need to be aware of this if they are using these sites outside America. It would be easy for an American to post something on Facebook that is actually insulting to a particular country.

In general, SNS are just going to continue to grow in America as well as internationally. Users simply need to be aware that not all of their content is acceptable outside and the U.S. so that there are no issues when social media continues to expand.


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