Everyone is a Fan

Whether or not you think you are a fan everyone is a fan of something. When I first heard the word fandom I immediately thought of the people who dress up in costumes and parade around fan conventions. When we started to talk about fandom in class I realized that fandom is a very broad word and can range from just liking a TV show to actually dressing up and participating in conventions. I for one am a huge sports fan especially the Green Bay Packers. Not only am I involved in the games when they are on TV but I also own shirts and other items that represent the team which is my way of showing I am a fan.

From the reading by Jon Accarrino It talked about how social media has made fandom more of a big deal and easier to become a fan of something. Before social media was a big deal or even invented fans used fan clubs as a way to “connect” with their favorite stars. Ranging from inside details to upcoming events and movies to getting a free prize. Now with social media especially twitter, stars are starting to engage with their fan base and react and response to what they are saying to them. Instead of having to wait for the updates to come via mail for fan clubs these updates come within seconds and are easy to respond back to. It is amazing that one simple tweet or facebook post has the possibility of reaching millions of people around the world. I think that is  what makes social media so great is how interactive it is and how easy it is to feel connected to people who are famous.

Fans don’t just want to like something they also want to be engaged with it . The best way for fans to show how much they love something especially on video is through YouTube. Believe it or not the girl we now know as the Overly Attached Girlfriend started out by posting a fan video to Justin Bieber which can be seen below.

When most people post videos to YouTube about a certain celebrity they are of course hoping to get some feedback or maybe attention from the celebrity themselves. Justin Bieber posted the fan video with many excited young teens to grace the screen of YouTube to show JB exactly how big of a fan they were.  The girl in the video might not have gotten Justin’s feedback (correct me if I am wrong) but she did gain followers herself and is now all over the internet.  I remember when I was in middle school me and my friend put together a fan video to win tickets to a bands concert. Even though we did not win the contest it was cool to know that they would be watching the videos to pick the winner and I was showing how big of a fan I was and how much I supported them.

One of the cool things about social media connecting with TV shows is through live tweeting. Most shows have hashtags on the bottom corner of the screen in which you can tweet your thoughts throughout the show. With the hashtag you can then look up the timeline of everyone that is also tweeting. Celebritys have also taken to the twitter world by live tweeting during the time their show is on air. This is a quick picture of the guys of Ghost Adventures tweeting about their live tweeting during the show. This gives fans the opportunity to involve in conversation with them and also get little quick facts that maybe the show did not tell you.

I know I take to twitter when my favorite shows are on TV mostly because I like to see if others have the same thoughts I do or to see what their opinions are. Have you ever live tweeted a TV show, sports event or even the debate?

Many people may not want to admit that they are a fan of a particular subject or thing but I must know for the people who are brave enough to share with me what you are a fan of?

And if you are a fan of something what do you do to show that you are a fan?


2 thoughts on “Everyone is a Fan

  1. Kelly,

    I enjoyed your blog post. I have to agree with you, I wasn’t sure of the exact definition of “fandom”. I consider myself a fan of lots of thing, but am I in the fandom of that subject? I asked myself this as I was reading your post. You are in the fandom of the Green Bay Packers. I am in the fandom of Dave Matthews Band and especially Dave Matthews.

    I almost feel like I’m super creepy about my love for Dave. I have his concert posters framed in my bedroom with concert tickets safely behind glass. I have t-shirts, quotes I’ve painted on canvas, and stickers on my vehicle. I’ll even be honest and tell you that I’m getting the band’s “icon” tattooed on me very soon. Just like I’m sure the GB Packers are important to you. Dave Matthew’s music is so important to me. We all have to have a connection with our subject. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be a fan, right? I find such a strong connection to DMB’s lyrics and pride and support for our country. He is a good person. He helps raise money and donates to lots of different causes. It also doesn’t hurt that I find him attractive!

    Anywho, GO PACKERS!

    “Turns out, not where, but where, who you’re with that really matters.” – DMB

  2. I really enjoyed your blog post as well. I’m a big fan of live tweeting during a show. But one of my favorite shows is taking it one stop further. The Walking Dead on AMC has gained millions and millions of fans and followers in just their couple years of being on air. Even though the comic book has been around for a decade now. The Walking Dead introduced this new thing this season called Story Sync http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead/story-sync where they want you to have a computer/tablet open while you’re watching so you can essentially use both screens at once where you can answer trivia questions and interact with other fans.

    It’s just amazing how much this whole entertainment technology revolution has grown. It’ll be interesting to see what technology will have us doing in the next coming years.

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